Monday, 3 November 2014

Parental Control Router – The Latest Addition To The Wishlist of Parents

These days, kids have easy access to the internet. This is because of the next-gen devices like tablets and smartphones. A report states that about 94% of the children, who are connected to the internet, do this either through their tablet PC or gaming consoles and even through PDAs. With the development of internet technology, even though parents allow internet access to their kids, they will have concern about irrelevant site visits made by their kids. This is where, parental control router can be helpful for them. 

Parental Controls On Laptop

Reports state that children spend more time on the internet for playing games, for entertainment purposes like listening songs.  Here comes the question as to how parental control router can help the parents? Here is the answer to this question:

Even though, it is true that the internet brings many educational benefits to kids, parents cannot be always on the watch whether they visit educational sites alone and not any porn related sites. Here are a few statistics that show a shocking internet trends about children:

a)The industry of pornography comes third after Google and Facebook and nearly 30% of the traffic on the World Wide Web is porn.

b)Also, another study shows that about 30% of the internet users in the United States alone send their nude pictures through mail. Particularly, even one out fo four teenagers to this.

C)Facebook is turning out to be the hub of social activity with more than 2,50,000 logins per minute.

Web Filtering Router For Tablets

D)Every 2 out of 5 kids are asked to give their personal information over the internet by strangers.

E)Internet addiction and Facebook addiction disorders are the latest types of disorders not only among kids, but also among adults as well.